Welcome to my site

 Hello, my name is Chris Ziadi and I am a private music instructor. I teach flute, piano, and   beginning violin and guitar.

I have a music performance degree from Washington Adventist  University.   I have been teaching for over 7 years and

currently have over 20 students in my studio.I perform with the New England Symphonic Ensemble founded by the late

Dr. Virginia G. Rittenhouse and have performed in various countries around the world including: South Africa,

England, Mexico, Jamaica, Greece and the USA 

My teaching style is very systematic and methodological. I am a strong proponent of the development of technique. When A student develops technique they are able to go through music at a faster rate and are less nervous when it comes time to perform.

I understand with the amount of money you will be putting in for lessons that you expect results. As time goes on you will clearly see an improved performance and detail oriented practicing.

Teaching music is not a lot of fancy games or complicated things to distract but rather repetition of the fundamentals. The goal of teaching is always to teach my students how to teach themselves. Muscle memory with just the right amount of difficulty. Repetition and patience are what is required.